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Birdie's Market Cooking Classes: How to Make Risotto

Eating healthy, saving money, focusing on quality not quantity and working out are the typical lifestyle habits we want to make into routines when we move into a new year. Birdie’s Market and Catering, with her culinary team, are ready to help you make these routines habit with these fun cooking classes! Starting in 2017, we’ll steamroll the new year with exciting classes to help you make good on all the resolutions you’ve set for yourself this year.

Classes get you hands-on training and instruction from our Birdie’s Market Executive Chef Hunter Wills and Executive Chef at Steel Magnolias Greg Yale and our culinary team of professionals, with a lot of tasting along the way, a booklet of recipes that you can use to recreate what you’ve made that day, and little appetizers using these food items to keep you exploring how to utilize your new techniques!

There’s a little secret that chefs have had in their back pockets when it comes to killer cuisine and it goes by the name risotto. Big in Europe, risotto is a little known grain in South Georgia that can pack a big punch! It has the ability to become creamy just by the cooking process, without the need to add cream, so the possibilities are endless with such a fantastic dish component! 

Let Steel Magnolias Executive Chef Greg Yale walk you though the process of making risotto with some fantastic flavor combinations to take this simple grain in endless directions depending on what your hankering for dinner! Sample a number of ways to enjoy risotto and enjoy some appetizers to show you creative ways to use this technique in this two-hour class! 

$55 for an individual ticket, $100 for a pair

Thursday, March 16

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM 

Call us today to get your ticket! 229.333.9636